ANODE, an underwater dataset for sacrificial anode detection

The ANODE dataset was created in the context of the ATLANTIS project and contains 18230 images collected at the ATLANTIS Test Center in Viana do Castelo, more specifically at the DURIUS buoy, designed to test robotic platforms for O&M, and at the CRAS interior pool. The images depict Cathodic Protection Systems (CPSs), namely sacrificial anodes, which serve as a shield to protect a maritime structure from corrosion. This dataset serves to train Deep Learning object detectors. The ANODE dataset images were manually annotated and the correspondent labels are also available in txt files, one for each image. The txt files contain 5 values: the first correspondent to the object class and the other four to the bounding box information. These four values are normalized with respect to the image width and height (the top-left corner of the image is the origin): - x coordinate center point of the bounding box; - y coordinate center point of the bounding box; - bounding box width; - bounding box height.

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Field Value
Author João Dionísio, Pedro Nuno Leite & Maykol Pinto
Last Updated April 3, 2024, 09:44 (UTC)
Created March 8, 2024, 15:10 (UTC)
Citation Dionísio, J., Leite, P. N., & Pinto, M. (2024). ANODE, an underwater dataset for sacrificial anode detection [Data set]. INESC TEC.
Creation date 2024-03-07
File Size 21.1 GB
Instrumentation Cameras installed on the Kame ROV and Fifish ROV
Project ANODE.Project
Relation Kame: a Bio-Inspired Vehicle for Enhancing Remote Underwater Close-Range Visual Inspections of Cathodic Protection Systems (to appear)
Size 21.1 GB
Spatial Coverage [1] ATLANTIS Test Centre, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Spatial Coverage [2] CRAS (INESC TEC) Interior Pool, Porto, Portugal
Temporal Coverage 2023-07-5 to 2023-11-8
Type Underwater images (.png) and labels (.txt)
Type of Instrument Visual Cameras