Indoor point cloud dataset for BIM related applications

IM (building information modelling) has gained wider acceptance in the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. Conversion from 3D point cloud data to vector BIM data remains a challenging and labour-intensive process, but particularly relevant during various stages of a project lifecycle. While the challenges associated with processing very large 3D point cloud datasets are widely known, there is a pressing need for intelligent geometric feature extraction and reconstruction algorithms for automated point cloud processing. Compared to outdoor scene reconstruction, indoor scenes are challenging since they usually contain high amounts of clutter. This dataset comprises the indoor point cloud obtained by scanning four different rooms (including a hallway): two office workspaces, a workshop, and a laboratory including a water tank. The scanned space is located at the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. The dataset is fully labelled, containing major structural elements like walls, floor, ceiling, windows, and doors, as well as furniture, movable objects, clutter, and scanning noise. The dataset also contains an as-built BIM that can be used as a reference, making it suitable for being used in Scan-to-BIM and Scan-vs-BIM applications.

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Author Nuno Abreu, Rayssa Souza, Andry Pinto, Anibal Matos
Last Updated May 7, 2024, 13:07 (UTC)
Created April 4, 2023, 09:50 (UTC)
Citation Abreu, N., Souza, R., Pinto, A., & Matos, A. (2023). Indoor point cloud dataset for BIM related applications [Data set]. INESC TEC.
Creation Date 2023-03-18
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Instrument Laser scanner
Instrument Name Leica BLK360 G2
Language English
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