Data from underwater gamma radiation monitoring

Data from underwater gamma radiation measurements under controlled conditions (ongoing monitoring).

The measurements are performed with the purpose of studying background gamma radiation under stable environmental conditions. The fact that measurements are performed underwater (in a research tank, at a depth of about 2m) reduces environmental fluctuations (particularly temperature) and also removes the contribution of terrestrial gamma radiation, enabling to measure the gamma radiation background and the cosmic radiation contribution.

Each individual file contains 1 hour of measurements every 1-second. Data are organized in 6 space-separated columns, corresponding to date (dd/mm/yy), time (HH:MM:SS), gamma counts (counts per second), battery voltage x 1000 (V), pressure x 10 (mbar) and temperature x 100 (degree celsius). Each individual line of the datafile ends by a comma. Files for each month are made available as compressed files.

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Field Value
Author Guilherme Amaral, Susana Barbosa
Last Updated August 27, 2021, 12:32 (UTC)
Created February 15, 2021, 14:43 (UTC)
CiteAs AMARAL, G., BARBOSA, S. Data from underwater gamma radiation monitoring [dataset]. 15 february 2021. INESC TEC research data repository. DOI:
dc.Coverage.Spatial 41.18 N, -8.6 E
dc.Coverage.Temporal 08/01/20 12:00 AM
dc.Date 02/12/21 12:00 AM
dc.Format *.txt
dc.Format.Extent 10 MB/month
dc.Language EN
dc.Publisher INESC TEC
dc.Type underwater gamma radiation measurements
ddi.Software spreadsheets, R, python, matlab
ddi.TypeInstrument NaI(Tl) 3"x3" scintillometer; in-house prototype adapted for underwater operation