Records of Narcissus cyclamineus DC. occurrence in the hydrographic basin of River Coura (2007).

Information from field surveys performed during 2007, specifically targeting the detection of the endemic daffodil Narcissus cyclamineus DC. in the hydrographic basinf of River Coura. Includes records of confirmed presences, absences and an assessment of the abundance (expressed as an estimation of the number of inidividuals observed) for the species accross the hydrographic basin. Selection of areas surveyed was supported by an environmental stratification assuring that all potential environmental range of the species accross the hrydrographic basin was covered. Results disclose information from 34 locations surveyed, including points where the species was present (17), and confirmed absences (17). In the locations where the species was present, an estimation of the species abundance (expressed as the number of individuals) is also included.

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Author Angela Lomba
Last Updated December 2, 2019, 12:56 (UTC)
Created November 29, 2019, 17:58 (UTC)
CiteAs LOMBA, A. Records of Narcissus cyclamineus DC. occurrence in the hydrographic basin of River Coura (2007) [dataset]. 29 nov 2019. INESC TEC research data repository. DOI:
dc.Coverage.Spatial Hydrographic basin of Rio Coura (Geographic bounding box: West: -8.795 East: -8.518 North: 41.955 South: 41.856)
dc.Coverage.Temporal Surveys performed between 02/2007and 03/2007.
dc.Date 2007
dc.Format ESRI shapefile (*.shp)
dc.Format.Extent 6Kb
dc.Language EN
dc.Publisher FCT - SFRH/BD/ 31576/2006
dc.Relation Information partially supporting the publication: Lomba, A., Pellissier, L., Randin, C., Vicente, J., Moreira, F., Honrado, J., Guisan, A., 2010, Overcoming the rare species modelling paradox: A novel hierarchical framework applied to an Iberian endemic plant, Biological Conservation 143(11):2647-2657.
dc.Type Spatially-explicit information
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