Vineyard dataset with anotation of leaf density - for precision spraying

PRYSM is a project from CRIIS - INESC TEC, which focuses on developing robotics solutions for vineyard smart and precision spraying. The main objective is to develop a smart and precision electrical sprayer that allows better management of pesticide use. This activity has a lower impact on the environment and represents a lower expenditure of resources in agriculture. Therefore, this project requires a reliable computer vision system to classify the leaf density in the vineyards. The current dataset consists of 475 images of size 640x480, and it was collected using a stereo camera assembled in a robotic platform. Every image was manually annotated using an application that defines three regions of interest and then asks for the leaf density on each of these regions. The value is inserted in the four classes: 0% leaves, 33% leaves, 66% leaves, or 100% leaves. This value is then saved in a text file, together with the name of the image. This way, to use this dataset, it is necessary to first consider the name of the image in each line of the text file and then three values corresponding to the leaf density of the three regions of interest. This dataset is for those who want to calculate the foliar density of the vines in a central area of the image and three different regions of interest.

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Author André Rodrigues Baltazar
Last Updated May 28, 2021, 12:39 (UTC)
Created May 27, 2021, 15:14 (UTC)
CiteAs BALTAZAR, A.R., AGUIAR, A., MAGALHÃES, S., SANTOS, L. Vineyard dataset with anotation of leaf density - for precision spraying [dataset]. 27 may 2021. INESC TEC research data repository. DOI:
dbo.Project PRYSM
dc.Contributor André Aguiar, Sandro Magalhães and Luís Santos
dc.Coverage.Spatial Rua da Aveleda, nº2 4560-570 Penafiel Portugal
dc.Coverage.Temporal 23 July 2020 (Data acquisition date) to May 2021 (Final data of dataset processing)
dc.Date April 2021
dc.Format *.jpg; *.txt
dc.Format.Extent 96,9 MB
dc.Publisher INESC TEC
dc.Relation Baltazar, André R.; Santos, Filipe N.; Moreira, António Paulo; Valente, António; Boaventura, José. 2021. "Smart and Precision Electrical Sprayer for Agricultural Robots"
dc.Type images and annotation
ddi.NameInstrument ZED stereo camera
ddi.Software Image file viewer and text editor
ddi.TypeInstrument Stereo camera in a robotic platform