Describing data in image format: Proposal of a metadata model and controlled vocabularies

Research data management (RDM) includes people with different needs, specific scientific contexts, and diverse requirements. The description of data is a big RDM challenge. Metadata plays an essential role, allowing the inclusion of essential information for the interpretation of data, enhances the reuse of data and its preservation. The establishment of metadata models can facilitate the process of description and contribute to an improvement in the quality of metadata. When we talk about image data, the task is even more difficult, as there are no explicit recommendations to guide image management. Taking all of this into account, in this dataset, we present a proposal for a metadata model for image description. We also developed controlled vocabularies for some descriptors. These vocabularies aim to improve the image description process, facilitate metadata model interpretation, and reduce the time and effort devoted to data description.

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Author Joana Rodrigues, Carla Teixeira Lopes
Last Updated August 29, 2022, 15:24 (Europe/Lisbon)
Created August 29, 2022, 14:24 (Europe/Lisbon)
Citation Rodrigues, J., & Teixeira Lopes, C. (2022). Describing data in image format: Proposal of a metadata model and controlled vocabularies [Data set]. INESC TEC.
Format .xlsx
Instrument Google forms
Language EN; PT
Methodology Methodology: To validate the model, we followed an experiment of data description, where eleven participants described images from their research projects, using a metadata model proposed. In addition to a qualitative analysis (with analysis of seven questions), we also carried out a quantitative analysis where we studied: time each participant took to describe images, number of descriptors used per image, and descriptors usage during the sessions, namely: average start and end times, average time spend on each descriptor, average time between descriptors, average number of used characters, and percentage of times used.
Type of Instrument Survey management app