Research Data Management metadata-driven studies survey corpus and coding

This dataset resulted from a survey over research data management metadriven studies. A summary of RDM studies was outlined that use at least one technique to engage researchers in the development of tools, or to improve and assess their metadata practices.To this end the Scopus database was searched, in January 2019, and 219 RDM entries that feature the concept “metadata” in the title or as a keyword were obtained. For a broader coverage of publications the list of 301 publications provided by the Perrier et al. scoping review was also assessed. The final corpus of analysis consisted of 14 studies that were coded according to their RDM context, motivation, metadata context, participants domain, methodological approach, metadata practices of participants, their main findings and recommendations. The publications with tha labels LabTrove, Archaeological_Digging and Publishing_Pushing were collected through the Perrier et al. scoping review dataset (

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