Portuguese Distribution test network_01_2030

URL: https://rdm.inesctec.pt/dataset/c5ae4fcc-fed6-47da-83c0-4dd2bfa10b84/resource/eddb217d-d8b6-4723-ba7b-cbbb2ca92fe7/download/6---ptdx012030.zip

The dataset contains information about a real Portuguese Distribution test network, totally anonymized, located in a semi-urban area as in 2030. A network file (including grid topology, nodes, generators, consumption, all of which connected by power lines or transformers) and auxiliary files are provided. The network file (MatPower format) includes a “snapshot” or “steady-state” at a given time with a converged power flow solution. The grid, which is operated at 30 kV and 60 kV, has 191 nodes (100 with consumption) and 190 branches. The auxiliary load data comprises 12  typical days representing the combination of each season and the type of day (business day, Saturday, Sunday) gathering the active and reactive consumption at each node of the network in intervals of 15 minutes. The auxiliary flexibility files comprises 4 typical days (business day of summer, Sunday of summer, business day of winter and Sunday of winter) gathering the upward and downward active power of flexibility at each node of the network in intervals of 15 minutes. In addition, a “read me” file  called “Manual” includes technical detailed information about how to read the data properly. For the sake of coherence, each flexibility file should be used together with the respective load data file.

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