Folder with python scripts used to collect and process data, namely: Generates the dataset from Wikipedia's list of most popular health articles; Makes requests to the wikimedia API. Insert data into the database with the help of; Manages the connection to the database; Process each article present in the dataset, from its title, using ApiInterface; Updates admin users in database from admin list; Registers articles that do not exist: from links, even those that are not in the dataset but appeared in the database as links; Writes the content of an article to a file in wikitext format. Removes the markdown and write the clear text to another file. Calculates the Flesch and Kincaid values ​​(readability), as well as the length of the article; Gets the number of assets that are images, using wikitext content; Calculates the metrics and writes them to a CSVGen.csv file; Calculates the volatility of the items and writes the results to a volatility.csv file; Registers users who are on the WikiProject Medicine admin list; Registers the articles that are present in the list of articles translated by the Health Translation TaskForce; Registers the sections of articles that are part of the list of sections recommended by WikiProject Medicine; Registers the links that are on the list of links suggested by the National Institute of Health; Creates file with all relevant medicine templates; Creates file with all relevant medicine templates.

Implemented for all languages, although only English was used/tested; Loads the medicine templates into the database. Developed for languages ​​other than English, but only this one has been used/tested; Inserts the medical infobox values ​​into the database; Places all relevant infoboxes in the database; Gets the number of tables in the article - not used/tested. Inserts the medical indices into the database; Inserts categories of analyzed articles into the database and create links between articles - categories; Inserts the classification of articles according to the WikiProject Medicine review lists; Calculates the specific proposed metrics and measures, and received the results in a medicine_metrics.csv file

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